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On this number puzzle website you can play logic puzzles online. We have suguru puzzles, also called number blocks or cijferblokken, and our own creation sugurulines. We've also add printable puzzles.

Here are the rules for suguru puzzles



We've created HERE a PDF for you to download with the rules of sugurulines.

Suguru lines is based on suguru. This puzzle has a grid with groups and you need to find the numbers for these groups. With suguru lines all the numbers are there, but most of the lines are gone. So the sugurulines mission is to restore the lines.

Each puzzle has only one right solution. Trial and error isn't the way to solve these puzzles, but logic thinking using special solving strategies.

Let's solve a puzzle together!

suguru solver Here you see how a sugurulines puzzle looks like. It's a grif filled with numbers and there are a few lines. These lines are there to make sure that only one solution is possible.
cijferblokken solver Look at number 2 in the top right corner. The number 1 under this number 2 is the only number 1 that is reachable for this number 2. So, they belong in the same group. Can we add number 3? Now we can't because that 3 belongs to another group, the group of the number 4 next to our number 2. So we've found our first group and we may draw the lines.
suguru line solver The number4 under the number 5 must add the number 3 at the left to its group. The numbers 1 and 2 above the number 3 are also part of this group. There's no number 5 that we may add. So our second group is complete, with 4 numbers. we draw the lines.
suguru app We draw a line under the number 2 at the right of number 5. We have our thrid group, one with 5 numbers. Can you smell the finish? It's clear now that the number 1 in the bottom left corner will be a group with one number.

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