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On this website you can play two logic number puzzles: suguru, also known as cijferblokken, and sugurulines.

Here are the rules for sugurulines puzzles


On this page you can learn all about suguru!


Suguru, also known as cijferblokken or number blocks, is a creation of Naoki Inaba from Japan. Naoki Inaba is a well-known puzzle designer.

These suguru puzzles only have a few simple instructions, but they can be extremely challenging. At first sight they resemble sudoku puzzles.

You have a grid which is subdivided into shapes. Each shape has 1 to 5 cells in size. Now fill the grid so that each cell contains a digit from 1 to 5. So for example a 3-square shape may only contain the numbers 1, 2 and 3. A 5-square shape should contain the numbers 1 to 5. No same digit appears in any neighboring cell, not even diagonally.

There is no fixed order to place to digits, but you have to use thinking strategies. Suguru is not a game of trial and error.

To get you started some cells already contain a number. Let’s try it!

suguru solver This is what you get at the start of a suguru puzzle. There're already some numbers on the grid to get you started.
solving suguru puzzles We have a 1-shape in the bottom left corner of our grid. There we have to place number 1.
We have a 2-shape in the top right corner of our grid. We must place number 2 in the top square to avoid contact with the other 2. Number 1 is for the bottom square of the 2-shape.
suguru app As a result of the influence of number 1 in our 2 shape, the number 1 of our 5-shape needs to be in the top left corner of the grid.
How did we found number 4? Simple. Number 1 or 2 wasn't allowed. We may not place number 3 because we wouldn't be able to place a number 3 in our 3-shape at the bottom right corner of our grid.
suguru rules Number 4 goes in the top square to avoid contact with the other 4. This leaves one square open for number 5. We also place number 3 in our 3-shape.
suguru online Number 1 in the middle to avoid contact. Number 2 in the top square and number 3 in the bottom square.
Your first suguru is finished!

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